Fated Fire

A red-hot fire royal hates me because of my bloodline.

Asher Sigma must teach me to control the flames coursing through my veins.
If only he can teach me to control the white-hot burning I have for him.

Fated Fire by Ariel Renner

Hi, I’m Ariel!

Romance Meets Magic

Let my character-driven stories take you on an adventure where fantasy and romance intertwine.

I write paranormal romance and fantasy romance novels about enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, forbidden love, steamy academy romances, royalty, strong female heroine, and protective heroes.

I grew up loving fairy tales, comic books, and sci-fi/fantasy stories. My favorite thing as a kid was to imagine what it would be like to live in the worlds that I read about. When I started writing my own stories, I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

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Billionaire Dragon Boss

Her searing kiss awakens the ferocious dragon within. I must claim her as my queen…or lose everything I hold dear.

For centuries, I hid among humans as a billionaire CEO
Until our newest hire sauntered through the doors.
Her wanton curves and defiant spirit ignite the primal dragon slumbering in my veins.
When I can no longer control the beast within,
I reveal my secret – I’m a Dragon King, and she’s my fated mate.
Now, my ancient enemy challenges my throne and vows to take my queen for himself.
I must brand her body as mine and manifest her true form to save my realm.
But will she allow it when doing so binds her to my draconic world forever?
There is one thing I do know…
Threaten my eternal mate or my kingdom, and you’ll burn.

Billionaire Dragon Boss by Ariel Renner & Lila Bosch